We're currently the only source for Mangalica pork in the state of NH.

Mangalica pork is highly sought after by restauranteurs and epicureans alike. The Mangalica pig is an Old World breed with a thick coat of curly hair and lots of subcutaneous and intramuscular fat. It was originally indigenous to Hungary and also the most popular pig in that country, being used for traditional sausages and creamy lard, but by the 1990's the breed was nearly extinct. A group of farmers determined to preserve this precious curly-haired, heritage breed, and today the Mangalica is enjoying a revival on small farms, both in Europe and the United States. The Mangalica pig is not well-suited to intensive farming as it is unable to thrive in tight confines. In Hungary, Mangalica pigs are often raised on pasture in the Hungarian Steppe, an expansive grassland ecosystem, where they forage and root for their food. They are well-suited to our local climate here in New Hampshire and our pasture affords ample natural food sources allowing us to produce a truly unique and delicious pork having all of the traits of the breed's heritage.